Visionary Fiction

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Visionary fiction is a relatively new genre in the literary world. To be completely honest, I did not even know about it until very recently. My publisher and Amazon both classified The Island of Echoes as a work of visionary fiction (in addition to science fiction and adventure), but that was the first time I had ever heard the term. Nevertheless, I am so glad I did, as it’s a wonderful genre with a beautiful message at its heart.

According to that lifeblood of human knowledge, Wikipedia, visionary fiction developed as a separate genre around the year 2000. It’s defined as “the literary form that illustrates and demonstrates the process of growth in human consciousness.”

A number of authors have since joined together to form the Visionary Fiction Alliance so that the genre can be further developed and its many works, old and new, properly defined. And there are many of them, as eclectic as the authors who wrote them!

I have been busy learning more about the genre and discovering its many wonderful facets. Not surprisingly, it’s right up my alley. Although The Island of Echoes is more of an adventure story in setting and concept, the underlying messages of the book perfectly reflect the tenets of visionary fiction. I hope you’ll join me in exploring this wonderful new genre (and I hope you have just as much fun doing it!). If you stumble across any books worth checking out, please pass them along!