The Island of Echoes

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The lives of six Victorian travelers are thrown into disarray when their ship gets lost in a storm while crossing the Mediterranean. Shrouded in fog with only the outline of a distant island to hint at their position, the group heads for shore. But the island is unlike anything they have encountered before.

Working to pinpoint their location and discover a way home, the castaways begin to unravel the many secrets of their surroundings while simultaneously exposing some of their own.

The Island of Echoes breaks the traditions of the lost-world genre, blending history and science fiction to create a philosophical mirror, one that offers both inspiration and critique in every detail.

The Island of Echoes was my first book and the culmination of almost 16 years of development. Even if I write a dozen other novels, it will forever hold a special place in my heart. It encapsulates many of the attitudes, philosophies, and dreams which have shaped me as a person. It is a story of discovery, both external and internal, and the gray areas of life which reveal themselves in the process.

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